About Us

Check My Ear LLC is proud to re-launch the acoustic otoscope back to market. 


Is the device FDA cleared?

Yes. The device is FDA cleared Class II medical device. 

How do I obtain a copy of the operators manual? 

Select the PDF imagine to download a copy.

Can a doctor be reimbursed for using the unit?

Yes. The use of device may qualify for insurance reimbursement ($14 on average). See CPT Coding below. 

CPT Coding: 

How do I transfer data from the device?

A USB port connects device to web application for export of scan results to medical record, software updates and more.

Can the unit be re-charged?

No. The unit runs off alkaline batteries. 

What type of batteries does the unit need?

Two AA Alkaline Batteries are needed for the unit to operate.

My device stopped working, what do I do?

Replace the batteries in the unit. This is the #1 reason we find in troubleshooting devices. If that doesn't work, contact us to discuss next steps. 


Feel free to send us an email or call with questions or concerns.